The library contains publications relevant to the internationalisation of Dutch design in general, and the DutchDFA programme in particular.

Research and mappings shows a selection of research relevant to the internationalisation of Dutch design, performed and collected during the runtime of the programme.

Consultancy firm Berenschot performed two evaluations of the DutchDFA programma; a midterm review halfway through the programme in 2011 and the final evaluation after four years in 2013.

The results of the activities of the programme are captured in the four consecutive year reports, which are available for download in pdf).

During the course of the DutchDFA programme, several publications were produced to support activities or generally promote Dutch design in the focus countries. Please find a selection of publications under Miscellaneous.

The programme offered regular updates on its activities in the newsletters to the public and press releases to media. A selection of publications by third parties on DutchDFA activities are collected in the media archive.